Your Voice Can Make A Difference

My business, finance, non-profit organizations, and leadership background are the greatest assets I can use to oversee and manage our city's resources. Here are my priorities as I work to become your City Councilwoman for Ward 4.

Business and Economic Recovery

I believe a quality life starts with a job. Supporting local businesses that create jobs in our community is critical to our economic recovery. To lure companies to Las Vegas, I will work to expand and improve our pro-business environment. I will also work to make the licensing process more straightforward for entrepreneurs to open a business in the city of Las Vegas.

To address job creation in our community, I will work toward: 

  • Creating business and community development centers

  • Developing career pathways to address youth unemployment

  • Sponsoring community job fairs, senior education programs, and the promotion of veteran-specific resources.

Public Safety

I have nothing but respect for our first responders, including the police, EMTs/firefighters, and medical workers. These brave men and women work every day to uphold an oath they took to serve and protect our communities. As your City Councilwoman, I will ensure they have the necessary resources to safely and effectively do their job.

Covid 19 Recovery and Public Health

The Covid19 virus continues to have devastating effects on each of our lives. To address the pandemic, I will work with businesses, education institutions, healthcare providers, and other community stakeholders to find ways to partner with our city to address frontline insufficiencies. Together with the Mayor and other council members, I know that we can manage city resources to overcome the challenges we face because - 'We are #VEGASSTRONG!'